Youth program

April 25, 2019

Meeting place where young people develop skills and are connected with opportunities to study and work. Ruwasunchis Youth Program has three edges that form the core of the program. Young people between 12 and 19, according to their personal needs, approach these three possibilities of personal growth and development that Ruwasunchis offers, these are: job and academic opportunities, and an educational space open for the youth; we will explain these three edges in the following paragraphs. Also, the constant dialogue with young people - individually and collective- is critical to the sustainability and continuity of the program.

“In Ruwa I’ve matured and grown quite emotionally, I feel that someone cares about me. Now I think forward in the future “- Cristian Dipaz, 16 years old.

In this program, we find spaces for body exploration, music, graphic and plastic arts, reading, street football, dancing,personal projects, among others. The activities are many and proposed –but not imposed- by adults or, equally, by young people. All activities meet the needs of growing up and youth development.

“Ruwa is a program that helps us grow as people” - Gian Marco Guerrero, 14 years old.

In addition, Ruwasunchis give opportunities to young people who want to access job opportunities, through contacts, networks and natural people. Also, Ruwa accompanies the interested in applying

to colleges, universities, workshops and other forms of life after school.

Street Football

One of the projects of the school is Street Football, a sport of positive societal transformation that uses football as a tool for popular call. The Street Football methodology consists of three times, men and women play together, the Mediator replaces the referee and the players decide who wins the match. In the first time, the players set the rules and values that will be played, while the Mediator facilitates the dialog. In the second time, the traditional game of football is played. And finally, the third time, the Facilitator invites reflection and debate on the rules and values of the party with the purpose that the players score the goals, rules and values and decide who wins the match.

The mission of street football is to create spaces for meeting of youth for the comprehensive, sustainable development in time and space. Develop skills and values such as respect, solidarity and fellowship, in addition to empathy, leadership, and assertive communication. Generating social inclusion and integration recognizing cultural diversity, defending human rights for a culture of peace. Promoting dialog and participation for the solution of everyday conflicts. By providing opportunities for projection in time and space within the project of Street Football. In this way, the young people are getting away from the spaces in risk and develop skills and abilities that will allow them to be better human beings.