April 25, 2019

In Manchay we work in the community of San Pablo Mirador, which has 650 families. The shortcomings that are lived from day to day in the urban marginal communities such as San Pablo are: a large number of homes that do not have water and drainage, there is gang activity and domestic violence, young people do not have opportunities to study or work, do not tend to have young people studying in colleges and universities, or to undertake (“start a business” could go? ), they often do not have sources of income, and children often do not have access to cultural and artistic spaces. On the other hand there are few positive role models of men who would serve as an example for the little ones. In San Pablo there usually are not many professionals with more qualified or profitable jobs. With regard to young people, if we do not enable them positive spaces there will remain the gang that expands over the ravine of Manchay. In vulnerable areas as Manchay, only 11% of young people between 15 and 25 years access to higher education (ENAHO 2004 to 2011). In the educational system of Manchay (in the Peruvian in general) there is no focus on the development of creativity or entrepreneurial skills. Women do not have opportunities to generate income that will enable them to better educate and feed their children. At the same time, many of the inhabitants of San Pablo have been victims in the process of political violence in the ’ 80s. And as has been mentioned the violence is present in all age groups through domestic violence, gang activity, among others.