Children program

April 25, 2019

It´s a Pedagogical proposal of free gaming and learning, out of respect for individuality and autonomy processes. It is a space that welcomes weekends, children ages four to twelve years old. It is a proposal of free pedagogy, alternative to traditional education they receive at school. An essential feature of the project is that it is an open community space that is freely accessible. The door is always open for those who decide to be.

Our main commitment is to accompany the development of children with respect for their autonomy times and processes. At different stages of development, the real needs motivate a curious and genuine search; finding thus sense of their own explorations and discoveries. We, as adults, accompany this search process; we welcome, observe, listen, we put the word, not leading or imposing it our way.

We have educative spaces that respond to the needs of movement, symbolic play, sounds and music exploration, construction, nature, art, free play and scientific exploration.